Combo of Music and Writing!

Can listening to music affect your writing?  Well in my case, the answer is a resounding yes.  When I started writing my first set of Lin Wu stories, I would often be in the middle of typing my words down diligently, after pulling my Ipod ear phones away from my ears.  It was a sort of fuel my imagination required to get me started, like a cup of coffee on a cold winter morinng.  After getting a good dose of rhythms and sounds, I was ready to to enter Lin Wu’s world.  Since the music I tend to listen to is rather fast, I found that I always wanted to add some type of action to her adventures whatever they may be. 

In one case, I built a whole story around a scene in my head, almost like a music video.  The House of Dolls was concieved that way from the beginning.  The image of a giant doll running down a hallway with an ax at poor Lin Wu.  Scary! Of course I added to it, giving it life, purpose and meaning.  But it was one story that will always stick out to me as being born from a song first.

Action and movement is always a good way to get you brain cells moving, no matter what you’re doing.  I know some people who need to go for a walk before they start to type.  Others like to work out.  But for me, music is key.  It also makes sense for me because I tend to see writing like making a TV episode, where music if often in the background.  Sometimes music is the key driving force in a good drama.

If you have any other ideas about music and writing, feel free to leave a post and add to the discussion.


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