Finishing off Sook-Joo!

It happens all the time. You’re writing your story at a maddening pace, everything seems to be going well, the end is just on the horizon. But then it happens, you hit a bump in the road. You lose your focus and your character’s plot comes to a screeching halt. After sitting at your computer for what seems like hours, you still can’t come up with a decent conclusion. You try and you try, but nothing seems to work, the ending eludes you. What to do?

Well luckily I haven’t experienced this dilemma often, however it has hit me from time to time. The best way for me to work my way through it, is to force myself to type something down on the computer screen. For me, having a place to start from is easier than having no place at all. I also know that I can change or rephrase whatever path I decided to take later. Often, the change may occur a few days later, when I’ve let the story rest for awhile. Having a break seems to help with the writing process. During that time you don’t know it, but your mind is removing the blocks you had while you were writing. After a few days, finishing the story seems like a breeze.

I recall going through this process while writing one of my stories from Lin Wu Senior Year. I was having a hard time coming up with a build up to the climax. But I knew for sure what I wanted to follow it up with. I basically followed the process from above. While I had my laptop on my lap, I forced down a buildup to the scene. I was tired at the time, but I forced it anyway because I knew it was holding me back. Then I was able to write the climax and finish the story. Later I went back and read what I had typed down. It worked pretty well actually, I just had to tweak it a little bit. Finally I was done and Sook-Joo vs the Phantom Squad was added to the chronicle.

Writer’s block is common and people deal with it in their own way.

Below is a trailer I created to go along with the story of Sook-Joo.

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