New Book Cover!

With the release of The Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year audiobook, you may have noticed that the cover art has also changed. That is, the model on the front cover portraying Lin Wu is different. The reason for the change is two fold really. Number one, the same young lady who portrays Lin Wu in, The Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year book trailer, now matches the girl on the book cover. Luckily, the model was able to take some photos for me the same day the video footage was shot, and I was able to get her switched in on the cover. She was really nice and flexible about it. Not to mention a great sport.

But I believe there’s a greater significance in having the new model appear on the cover. The original model was a young lady I found after searching for a long time on various stock photo sites. She fit the look and appearance I was looking for. However, her photos were provided by a Japanese photographer. I got to thinking about my character Lin Wu and came to the conclusion that it would be cool if I could actually get an Asian American model to portray my character, since Lin Wu is Asian American. Once the model agreed to take some extra pictures for me, I was set. So now the new Lin Wu is actually Asian American which I think brings a little more authenticity to the character.

You may find though that there are two book covers floating around out there when you search for The Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year. Don’t let that confuse you. They’re both the same book, they just have two different models on the front cover. I’m also planning to have the same model appear on my next book. So if you’re interested in having a closer look at her, you can always click on the Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year book trailer. She’s an excellent actress as well.

But now the old book cover will be going out of print. So if you’re interested in getting the old book cover, it may pop up as rare when you search for it on websites. I still have some posters and book marks of the old cover, so you never know, you might still find one floating around out there someday. Here is one last look at the old cover.

big pic

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