Nasty Little Robots of Doom!

Below is my favorite story trailer I made for, The Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year. The story is called, Nasty Little Robots of Doom. I don’t want to give the story away, as that wouldn’t be any fun for you if you ever decide to read the book or listen to the audio version. But I can share one piece of information with you. The main influence for this particular story can be traced back to 2008. During that time I was still living in Ohio and I ran across a documentary where a guy was following a group of high school students that were preparing to enter a robotics competition. They were going to be competing against other schools and had to incorporate their knowledge of robotic designs, capabilities and programming. The show was actually pretty cool and the students showed how they could design and then program what they wanted the robots to do.

Later in the show, the host also interviewed a guy living in Japan who had a huge robot collection. The robots had varying capabilities such as being able to move back and forth or performing small tasks, to behaving like pets. It was very cool to see what some of his robots could do. Towards the end of the show, the host interviewed Hiroshi Ishiguro, the famous Japanese android inventor in Japan. During the interview, Ishiguro shared some footage of the female androids being created in Japan also known as Fembots or Actroids. It was both startling and intriguing to see how realistic the androids could be. They could speak, move fairly fluidly, and could make humanlike facial expressions. They could almost pass for real women from a distance.

Anyway, that program left an impression on me and I got to thinking about it when I finally started writing down my Lin Wu stories. The content was perfect for Lin Wu, since it involved a setting that fit her world as a high school student. It also had a slight Asian influence to it, being that the female android phenomenon is mostly embraced by Japan. I finally got down the plot and figured out who all the characters were going to be and finished the story. So in the end, Lin Wu had another chronicle under her belt and this time she had trouble with robots. If you’re interested in the video I made about the story, you can view it below.

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