The Curse of Ursa Morontu

Hey Lin Wu fans! A few years ago, I started watching Japanese TV shows that included English subtitles. The experience could be both enjoyable and frustrating at the same time. It was enjoyable in the sense that it was always fascinating to see how the Japanese go about the storytelling process. It seemed slightly different to me than the Hollywood version, and I always appreciated their imaginative ideas. It was frustrating however, because the DVDs I viewed, often had a problem in the English subtitle department. Even though the shows included English subtitles, it didn’t mean you could always read the translations coherently. For example, you might have a sentence that started off in English okay, but then it would go off in all sorts of directions, causing you to lose the intended meaning. In some cases, the subtitles were too difficult to decipher and I had to give up watching the show.

That being said, there was one show I watched during that time which I really enjoyed. It was called Sexy Voice and Robo.
Sexy Voice

The main characters in the show were a female junior high student and an otaku male. An otaku is basically like a model, toy, or manga geek, similar to the type of character that Douglas portrays in the Lin Wu story, Maid Momo. In the show the two characters would solve cases that could involve crime, murder, or basically any idea that would be appropriate to the show’s premise. In one episode, Sexy Voice, the female character, had to go undercover at a high school to investigate why students were purchasing a particular idol. The students selling it had a cult like following and Sexy Voice and Robo had to get to the bottom of it. When I started writing my Lin Wu stories, I recalled that episode and was inspired to write, The Curse of Ursa Morontu. It was another good pick for Lin Wu since it involved an Asian based theme and was also believable in Lin Wu’s world. I don’t want to spoil the plot for you, but you can see a teaser trailer for the story below. You can also get a slight look at the characters from Sexy Voice and Robo in the picture above. Japanese shows and movies have always been a big inspiration for me when it comes to Lin Wu. In many ways, the stories I’ve written about her to date, can be traced back to something that involved a Korean, Chinese, or Japanese film. It’s funny how things work out. But now you know where I got the inspiration to write The Curse of Ursa Morontu.

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