A Korean Horror Show Led To A Horror Story Of My Own

When I was living in southern CA about twelve years ago, there were several channels dedicated to Asian television. The programming would differ depending on the channel, whether it was Japanese, Chinese or Korean.

Anyway, I remember one channel that was always dedicated to Korean programs. The programs didn’t have English subtitles to go along with them. I can’t speak Korean, but I liked watching one of the shows in particular. It was a Korean horror show, where a different story with different characters would be broadcast each week. In one of them, there was a woman visiting a friend in a small town out in the boonies. Since I couldn’t speak Korean, I couldn’t get all the details down. But I could tell that the family she was visiting was being haunted by a little girl in a white nightdress. The people she was staying with were terrified by the sightings of her around their property.

At one point in the show, the visitor was outside with one of her friends, when a strong wind began to kick up. Her friend, began looking around to see what had brought on such a sudden change in weather. And to his horror, he saw the little girl standing on a tree branch in a tall creepy tree. She looked back at him as he was frozen in fear, the wind blowing her hair and all the leaves around her face. Then the man took off running.

At another point in the film, the main character was in a small shop. The same type of weather pattern occurred, only this time the little girl was roaming around the store as the others inside were fleeing away in fright.

I can’t remember all the details after that, but at some point, the lead character and family thought they’d solved the problem of the little girl’s haunting once they figured out who her killer was.

At the end, the main character is sitting on a boat on a calm lake, as if everything is OK. The show ends with a twist however, when she is pulled down into the water, likely by the little girl who wasn’t interested in reconciliation. She seemed to be set on targeting people based more out of rage and anger.

I never knew the name of the show and it wasn’t the only episode I ever watched. But that particular episode led to me writing a story called, Dare at Seely Park. I adjusted the frightening image of a female ghost from a tree top to a restroom roof instead. Eventually I finished the story off and tried to get it published in a writing contest, but it didn’t win. It’s never been published publicly. However I did include the story to some degree in, The Screaming Ghost of Suki Rin, which is a Lin Wu Story. I basically used the idea of my first story and put it into my second one.

So to make a long story short, that was the first piece of Korean cinema I saw which inspired me to write a story of my own. Kind of funny how things work out sometimes. But that’s my experience about how a show I could only visually understand, led to me writing a story of my own.

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