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P.A. Clark currently resides in Sacramento California with his wife and two children. He met his wife in college, who also happens to be a Vietnamese immigrant. After meeting her, he became interested in different aspects of Asian culture. Also being an avid storyteller, Clark eventually blended the ideas of his wife’s culture into his writing. Eventually he came up with the character Lin Wu, an Asian American female, with a foot in both cultures. She must overcome all the trials and tribulations set before her, as she uses her wit, strength, and determination to survive the Lin Wu Chronicles.



Some of you may be wondering where the idea for Lin Wu came from. The answer is a scene I happened to notice once while at a carnival with my daughter. I was standing near a ride, waiting for her to get off, when I noticed a vibrant lady walking her bike through the carnival crowd. She approaced the concessions stand and parked her bike. It was then that I realized she was the mother of one of the girls working inside. They chatted for awhile, then she bid her daughter goodbye before pedaling away. The mother and daughter also happened to be Asian. I got to thinkig about that scene for awhile and wondered if there was a story there. What would the conflict be? Who were the characters? What was the main character’s name? Eventually I wrote my first Lin Wu Story Thrills and Spills Carnival.

The story was meant to be written as an audio only at first for download, but I soon decided that I liked my character and began brain storming more ideas for her. Eventually I had several stories written down but one small problem. All the new stories I wrote about her happened more than a year from the first one. So I wrote a few more and broke them into two categories. One was Lin Wu in college, the other was Lin Wu in highschool. The stories that were ready first were during her college years. There were five in all. They became The Lin Wu Chronicles.

The second group became The Lin Wu Chronicles Senior Year. So I didn’t intend to write them in a Star Wars like order. It just happened that way. And I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Many of the stories borrow ideas from my own experiences. Some are based on the experiences I witnessed others going through. Having grown up in an area where many Asian American groups flocked to gave me a ton of ideas for my stories. Lin Wu is a product of those ideas.

I actually pull on several key influences when writing the Lin Wu Stories. Some of them may be obvious to you.  Others may surprise you.  If you’d like to leave a comment on what you think some of them are, you’re more than welcome to.  Here’s a hint though.  One influence was from my favorite show as a kid. In fact, its probably still one of my favorite shows even now.   I won’t say anymore, that would be giving too much away.  =)

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