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Before Lin Wu rushed off to a university, she was a high school senior at Brampton Academy. But if you think her life was normal in high school, think again. The strange and paranormal plagued her long before she every set foot on the grounds of UC Davis. With story titles like The Tunnel of the Rat Woman, and The Curse of Ursa Morontu and The Chinatown Vampires, you’re sure to be put on the edge of your seat.

Lin Wu is a spunky university student with the regular misfortune of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Although she has the brains and the wit, it’s going to take everything she has to fend off the cruelest of villains and the creepiest of monsters. Trouble awaits her around every corner and seems to be her closest companion as she struggles to survive. Can you survive a journey with Lin as she navigates her way through the Lin Wu Chronicles?

Lin Wu accompanies her friend Tina, an aspiring model, to the house of a famous doll maker. Although she has no plans of becoming a model herself, Lin is soon targeted as the best candidate for the Margo Marso Anniversary Doll. But even as she tries to stay out of the way, she soon discovers that everything is not as it seems. What haunting secrets will she discover as she struggles to survive in The House of Dolls?

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The hour is late and Lin’s roommate, Tori, isn’t home from her late night lab class yet. To make matters worse, her other roommate, Mai, is filled with terrifying stories of the Campus Creeper roaming the grounds. Will Lin be able to find her missing roommate in time, or will she become the next victim of the Campus Creeper?

The Campus Creeper –Audio Sample –

Lin’s all dressed up and ready to go as the anime heroine Maid Momo Battle Maiden of the Akihabara District. Although she has misgivings about being scantily dressed, she goes to the anime convention anyway at the request of a friend. Things turn sour however, when Lin’s costume attracts the unwanted attention of an anime geek. Soon things barrel out of control as Lin struggles to survive in the shoes of Maid Momo.

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Lin is all decked out as a flashy witch while escorting her cousin, Curtis, on a field trip to the Creaky Hollow Ranch. Things soon turn south however as her cousin ditches her in an angry fume over bullying just as a thunder storm hits the ranch. Time is not on her side as she tries to find him while confronting her own fears over meeting the Apple Hill Witch.

The Apple Hill Witch -Audio Sample- 

Lin is on night watch with her friend, Mai, at a temple where the Green Jade Buddha is on display. She soon discovers however that not all guests have the purist of intentions at heart. Will she be able to discover the truth in time while still maintaining the reputation and integrity of the temple? Find out in The Shards of the Green Jade Buddha.

Shards of the Green Jade Buddha -Audio Sample-

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