Welcome to the home of Lin Wu, where creepy and late night studying go hand in hand.

The Lin Wu Chronicles follows the adventures of Lin Wu, an average Asian American girl just trying to make the grade while preparing to enter medical school. But studying has never been this difficult as she fends off the cruelest of creeps, annoying geeks, the nastiest of villians, and the spookiest of shrieks.

Keeping a level head and focusing on how to survive are the best tools at Lin’s disposal.


Stories in the Lin Wu Chronicles

The House of Dolls

The Campus Creeper

Maid Momo

The Apple Hill Witch

Shards of the Green Jade Buddha

Before Lin Wu ever set a foot on campus at U.C. Davis, she was a student at Brampton Academy. But if you think her life was normal then, think again. In the Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year, Lin encounters some of her toughest challenges to date. With villians such as the knife weilding Rat Woman, to the menacing vampire that roams the streets of Chinatown, you’ll be sure to be put on the edge of your seat.

Stories in The Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year

Thrills and Spills Carnival!

Tunnel of the Rat Woman!

The Mulitdimensional Girl!

The Curse of Ursa Morontu!

The Screaming Ghost of Suki Rin!

Hall of Echoes!

Sook-Joo vs the Phantom Squad!

The Chinatown Vampires!








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