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Author P.A. Clark’s Novel “The Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year” Is A Thriller Where Creepy and Late Night Studying Go Hand in Hand.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – Can you survive a journey with Lin as she navigates her way through, The Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year? This next book in P.A. Clark’s series will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Its cram time at Brampton Academy and Lin Wu is a high school senior just trying to make the grade. But it won’t be easy, especially with all these ghosts, villains and monsters blocking her path, every step of the way. She’ll have to stay on her toes and block out all the horror. But in the world of Lin Wu, not everything is as it seems. Keeping a high GPA and balancing an overprotective mother will be a cakewalk for her compared to being a regular magnet for the strange and paranormal.

From an urban legend about a psycho lurking in a dirty tunnel, to the dark streets of Chinatown, where rumors of a Vampire fill the air, Lin Wu will have to get to the bottom of every mystery, while still finding time to apply to all the choicest universities.

About the author: P.A. Clark currently resides in Sacramento, CA with his wife and two children. He met his wife in San Jose, CA while attending college. After meeting his wife, he took it upon himself to learn about her culture as well as other Asian cultures in his area. The Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year is his second book about the life and adventures of his character Lin Wu, an Asian American female of Chinese decent.

Title: The Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year
Author: P.A. Clark
Genre: Thriller
ISBN: 978-0741477033 (Paperback)
Publication Date: September 2012
Pages: 235
Price: $14.95
ASIN: B009RCO8ZU (eBook)
Price: $3.95
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
To learn more about author P.A. Clark and his new book “The Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year” go to The book is available at Amazon, and a variety of local retailers.

The Lin Wu Chronicles was originally conceived as an audio book project.  It was meant to be five individual stories about one character as it tracks her life and adventures.  But he soon converted the idea into a book and e-book as well.



Other published works include, The Lin Chronicles paperback edition as well as an e-book.  He also has five individual audio CD’s out from the book. They are also available for download at theaudiobookstore as well as other online stores.

Titles include:

The House of Dolls

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